DynaPrime Concrete Primer is a water resistant pre-coat formulated of premium quality acrylic latex. The product is formulated with a surfactant package which promotes superior adhesion to concrete surfaces.

DynaPrime Concrete Primer is recommended to promote superior bonding of acrylic resurfacer to concrete. DynaPrime Concrete Primer should only be used on concrete surfaces that have been acid or mechanically etched, and have been power washed to remove surface contamination.

Marketing Brochure

  • MAXIMUM ADHESION: Optimizes adhesion to etched concrete surfaces, creating an improved surface for acrylic resurfacers.
  • MAXIMUM PENETRATION: Formulated with sub-micron particle size latex to ensure penetration into concrete and oxidized asphalt surfaces.
  • READY-TO-USE: Formulation is ready to use, with no filler or water additions required.
  • EASY TO USE: DynaPrime Concrete Primer is tinted for ease of use.
  • FAST DRYING: Under optimum conditions.