Dynaflex DynaCushion offers three optional systems, including a three-layer Standard, five-layer Pro and seven-layer Elite system – all available for the construction of athletic and recreational surfaces.

All systems consist of an acrylic polymer emulsion DynaCushion Base layer that contains rubber particles, fabricated as a flexible and resilient cushion coating as well as a DynaCushion Top designed as a leveling cushion inter-layer for tennis courts and other recreational surfaces.

DynaCushion Base should be applied prior to DynaCushion Top, and DynaColor Acrylic Color Coating should be applied as the final system layer.

The DynaColor color coating should be applied as the final layer of this system to give your courts a premium quality, highly pigmented finish that provides greater toughness, flexibility and longer service life.

Marketing Brochure

  • PREMIUM ACRYLIC CUSHION COATING: A flexible coating system for recreational surfaces.
  • SPECIALLY FORMULATED: 100% compatible with DynaColor Acrylic Color Coating.
  • FAST DRYING: Acrylic formula allows for faster drying than asphaltbased coatings.
  • MULTI-LAYER: Designed as a cushion coat prior to application of DynaColor acrylic color coating finish.
  • NO HARMFUL SOLVENTS: Can be used indoors as well as outdoors.