Dynaflex Sports Surfacing offers a full line of sports surfacing products for tennis courts, pickleball courts, running tracks, basketball courts, playgrounds and other recreational surfaces. Whether building a new court or restoring one, Dynaflex offers a complete surfacing system for all projects for tennis courts, running tracks and other recreational surfaces.

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Long Lasting

Provides customers with a premium 100% acrylic polymer fortified sports surface with reinforcing pigments that provide up to 50% greater wear.

Ease of Application

Formulated for increased ease of use. Dynaflex also has excellent sand suspension during application and provides a uniform appearance and playing surface.

Even-Textured, Non-Glare

Maintains its beautiful appearance through years of active play. A sun blocker protects the rich, true colors of Dynaflex from the fading and bleaching caused by the sun.

Engineered for Customer Play

The high solids formulation of Dynaflex allows the mix design to be customized to the speed of play and foot traction.

Unleash Your Creativity

Dynaflex offers a palette of various standard traditional colors as well as creative custom options.

LEED Compliant

Dynaflex can be formulated in custom colors to met LEED green building requirements.