Dynaflex Acrylic Color Coating is a premium quality, highly pigmented, acrylic emulsion that provides greater toughness, flexibility and longer service life.

Dynaflex is also formulated with a surfactant package which promotes superior adhesion to concrete or asphalt surfaces. Dynaflex contains no asbestos or mercury.

Marketing Brochure
  • LONG LASTING: Premium 100% acrylic polymer fortified with reinforcing pigments provide up to 50% greater wear.
  • EASE OF APPLICATION: Engineered for improved ease of use. Just add sand, water, mix and apply by squeegee or spray.
  • NO STREAKING: Formulation provides uniform application and color over asphalt or concrete services.
  • SAND SUSPENSION: Excellent sand suspension during application provides uniform appearance and playing surface.
  • NON-FADING COLORS: Pure, high quality synthetic mineral oxide pigments are used for improved color stability for years of service.
  • LEED GREEN BUILDING COMPLIANT: Custom colors can be formulated to meet “High Albedo Coatings” requirements.

Color Chart