Polyprime RPA is a ready-to-use, multi‑polymer penetrating primer formulated to stop rust in pavements from penetrating the sealer or recreational coating. It provides all the benefits of Polyprime allowing greatly improved adhesion of the pavement surface.

Polyprime RPA will stop iron pyrite in pavement from forming rust spots on sealer and recreational coatings. As a primer, Polyprime RPA is an important part of a premium quality pavement sealing system.

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  • BEAUTIFES: Reduces rust spot bleed-through.
  • REDUCES STAINING: Reduces, and in some cases, eliminates active aggregate staining of asphalt covered with acrylic color coats.
  • MAXIMUM ADHESION: Optimizes adhesion of pavement sealer to oxidized asphalt pavements, which creates a stronger surface and allows the pavement sealer to adhere properly.
  • MAXIMUM PENETRATION: Formulated with sub-micron particle sized polymers to insure deep penetration into oxidized surfaces.
  • ENHANCED SEALER SPREADABILITY: Polyprime RPA prevents rapid dehydration of sealer, enhancing spreadability.
  • RAPID DRYING: Polyprime RPA dries quickly; does not delay sealcoating.