CRA Flex (Crack Repair Adhesive) is a factory mixed water-based acrylic product for use as an adhesive for long-term crack repair and is approved for use by popular Crack Repair Systems. CRA Flex’s versatility allows for multiple applications such as seaming on multiple mat systems, encapsulating fiberglass mesh on repairs and primer applications.

CRA Flex is specifically designed to work with Crack Repair Systems for superior bonding with existing asphalt and concrete surfaces and Crack Repair System fabrics. A precise blend of court patch binder and resurfacer, it eliminates the need for field mixing, resulting in a more accurate mix and time and labor savings.

Just pop the top and go to work!

Marketing Brochure

  • FACTORY BLENDED: For accurate and consistent mixes.
  • READY-TO-USE LASTING: No lost time due to field mixing.
  • SPECIFIALLY DESIGNED: For long-term crack repair and approved for use by popular Crack Repair Systems.
  • SUPERIOR BONDING: Formulated to bond fabric to asphalt and concrete surfaces with faster drying time.
  • MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS: Can be used in mat seaming and repair applications.
  • VERSATILE: Compatible with fiberglass mesh to encapsulate and fortify court repairs as well as primer for birdbath repairs.