AcrylaSeal is a cold applied, fuel resistant, high solids acrylic crack sealant. It is formulated to be fast setting and remain flexible over a wide range of temperatures. Recommended for asphalt and concrete surfaces.

AcrylaSeal provides a tough, resistant barrier against moisture for cracks up to 1/2” in width on asphalt and concrete pavements.

Marketing Brochure
  • READY TO USE: A convenient, fast and easy one-component system.
  • GOOD ADHESION: A penetrating surfactant formulation ensures bonding to the surface.
  • EXCELLENT RESILIENCE: A superior synthetic polymer compound provides elasticity. Contains no asphalt – will not track.
  • FAST SETTING: Less waiting time required before sealcoating.
  • RUBBERIZED: Improves pliability in adverse weather conditions.
  • LESS SHRINKAGE: A high solids formulation prevents abnormal shrinkage.